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Im a painter with over 80 exhibitions in my past. Represented at the Värmland Museum, National Art Council and other venues.  


Here you can see some of my paintings. They are all for sale. Just send an e mail to or call +46 (0)76 296 70 47 if you want to contact me for more info, book me for an excibition or buy a picture. Or you maybe just want to see MORE.


"Mona with her deep coloristic poetic pictures of longing..."


"She shows courage and a pace beyond other exhibitors."


Rune Engelbrektsen

VF (Swedish newspaper)



"Nylin also stands for a free brushwork but her colors are stronger and her art is more closely connected to reality"


Fred Andersson

Karlstads Tidningen (Swedish newspaper)



Mona Nylin attracted much attention with her paintings during the 90's.

She engaged in an intriguing abstract painting, where she formed

colors that clashed and rang out in harmonies that could do

anyone happy. Her image was built up with the help of

broad, bold strokes and different color nebulae that swept

over surfaces created depth. Highlights include vibrating

colour meetings where she sat for instance reddish blue next to greenish blue,

you know that when playing two nearly equal tones simultaneously and it

turn and pulls in all directions, contrasted this with

a warm yellow-orange surface. It makes me think of coloristic

masterpiece of Ivan Aguéli, Karl Isaksson, Inge Schiöler

and Åke Göransson. A kind of painting that consists of sounds,

rhythms and harmonies; A musical painting ... "


Margareta Wallin Wictorin

VF (Swedish newspaper)








"Universe I"  Acrylic on board 127 x 127 cm

"Universe II"  Acrylic on board  127 x 127 cm


"Joy"  Acrylic on canvas  100 x 100 cm

"Sun"  Acrylic on board  70 x 60 cm

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